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Host Nick Drake
The Roommate Game is a weekly half-hour game show. It pits roommates against roommates to compete for prizes from area businesses. It's a fast-paces entertainment show designed to find out which set of roommates actually knows the most about each other.

Each program has three sets of two roommates. They compete against each other to see who can answer the most questions correctly about their roommate. The set that answers the most correct questions is the winner of that show.

Nick Drake hosts the show and asks the questions. Joe Cox is the "judge" who rules on the 'iffy' answers.

Judge Joe

Past Roommate Game Winners

Kendra and Erin

Mike and Pat

Heather and Laurie

Heather and Laurie (again!)

Heather and Laurie (for a third time!)

Heather and Lori

Janis and Shanelle

Adam and Matt
The Channel 8 Fall Lineup
6:45 - News 8
7:00 - Plugged In
7:30 - Bearcat Update
8:00 - The Roommate Game
8:30 - Vinci
9:00 - Northwest This Month
All shows run Monday thru Thursday


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