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Bearcat Update is a weekly sports show aired on KNWT that covers all varsity athletics on the Northwest campus. Each semester, the show focuses on prominent athletic events.

The show has three hosts. April Griffith, Dallas Ackerman, and Geraldo Pazar.

April opens the show and gives a rundown of all the sports news around Northwest.

Geraldo has all the highlights of all the games that happened over the week. The Bearcat Update crew works hard all week to get good video of all the games.

Dallas rounds out the show with interviews with coaches and players of Northwest sports.

New information for the fall 1999 season is coming soon!

The Channel 8 Fall Lineup
6:45 - News 8
7:00 - Plugged In
7:30 - Bearcat Update
8:00 - The Roommate Game
8:30 - Vinci
9:00 - Northwest This Month
All shows run Monday thru Thursday


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