i work at river city studio. i don't really have an official title to make me sound important. but my job is to take our artists' concepts and turn them into animations and websites. and it's darn fun work.

here are some people i've done work for:

::the greater kansas city chamber of commerce <go>
::the kansas city sports commission <go>
::the ewing marion kauffman foundation <go>
::the art and copy club of kansas city <go>
::the greater kansas city community foundation <go>
::brown bear brewing company <go>
::laser equipment inc. <go>
::el centro <in progress>
::fishnet security <go>
::the childrens' community foundation
::river city printing <go>
::kq2 - st. joseph <long gone >
::knwt - maryville <dead>
::kdlx - maryville <also dead >
::the northwest missourian - maryville <gone >