::i need to clean my room

yeah. really i do. hehe, how funny is this? i just added my profile to makeoutclub.com! hahaha. if you're not familiar with the site, check it out. it's so sweetly pathetic. all i can say is, if this existed when i was in high school, i would have been all over it.

i'm working on a faux-community site for the '08 crew' at dreamless. it's going to be 08.o12.org. if you don't know what dreamless is, i'm not allowed to tell you, so don't ask. =) i'll link the site when i'm done. special thanks to my friend fook for giving me some web space to do it!

i'd also like to give some shouts out to some more dreamless folks. check out their sites, they kick the shit out of mine.

precid :: www.shinystuff.com
slane :: www.humanorganism.com
francisco :: www.face-of-moon.net
yuushin :: www.yuushin.com
yzz :: www.kill-me-now.com
fook :: www.o12.org
exp0 :: www.veriz0n.com

i'm trying to get back into not sleeping and trying to learn and experiment more with design and flash stuff. grr, i feel like i'm lagging behind. i don't like that feeling at all.

now playing: weezer "the green album"